Tuesday 17 April 2012

Big Change

This isn't flash fiction! What's going on?

OK... you may have noticed that the Xeroverse looks a little different. It's all part of the change...

At the beginning of the year I resolved to put more effort into maintaining my blogs (2 non-fiction blogs, 2 flash fiction blogs and a collaborative fiction blog). That's a lot of blogs. Realistically, that's not happening, but the best approach is not to give up, or make excuses, it's to look at things and adapt.

I've had a plan for Xeroverse: 101 for a while now, and obviously Xeroverse: Missing Pieces is the most updated. So the big change is this:

1) To consolidate all my blogging and longer flash fiction to one place. Here. Drop the 'Missing Pieces' and just call the place Xeroverse, which ties in nicely with my Twitter handle. Here I will blog about whatever takes my fancy (and lets face it, that's gonna be writing, science fiction and fantasy, books, movies and games, for the most part).

2) and here's the real biggie. Xeroverse: 101 will drop the 'Xeroverse' and become 101 Fiction.

Check it out. 101Fiction.com

I'll still post my 101s there once a week but it will be opening for submissions. Yeah, you read that right. I really hope other people will want to have a go at writing 101s, that I'll have enough good material submitted that I can post one piece a week from other people as well.

The plan is to open for submissions on May 1st. And start posting sometime in July/ August.

101Fiction has its own Twitter too: @101Fiction

So those are the big changes. You can still catch a flash fiction a week here as part of season 4: Small Change.

Thanks for reading. I'm pretty excited by all this. ^_^


  1. This sounds a lot more sensible. I tend to lose things if they're scattered across several blogs.

    1. Yeah, I think when I started out I had this idea of being more professional by keeping the flash fiction in its own place without the noise of random blogging in the mix, but I think, in retrospect, people prefer the personal edge of blogging amongst the fiction even if they don't necessarily read all the blogging... if you see what I mean.

      Not that I'm great at blogging anyway... I enjoy writing fiction more than anything else. ^_^

  2. You get more work out there in a month than I do in a year... I keep telling myself "You should be more like John, be like John..." And then the height thing makes me realise the reality of the situation...

    Regardless, you add a very particular flavour of brilliance to the internet and writing world. The new blog set up condenses your talent and makes it even harder for me to ignore how hard you work and how lazy I am ;)

    Continue! x

    1. It'd never work, you've got so much more hair than me! ^_~

      Thank you so much, Debs. I don't really work that hard... it's all just a trick of the eye... ;)