John Xero?

I've been publishing flash fiction online since 2001 when I curated the online creative collective, Dark Minds. In 2006 I was co-creator of the flash fiction project Hidden Tracks. I am the editor and creator of the drabble site 101 Fiction.

After brief forays into chemistry and international haulage (don't ask), I began working as a bookseller and never looked back. I've worked for an independent 'cult' bookshop, run my own children's bookshop and currently run the science fiction section for a branch of Waterstones.

I realised I wanted to be a writer about the same time I followed everyone else's advice and went into chemistry... Fortunately I saw the error of my ways and began to concentrate on my real passion, my writing. To that end, I attended various courses, culminating in a degree in creative writing from NUCA.

So, that's my past, I guess, in a nutshell... I'm a bit of a geek... comics, books, video games, movies... I like intelligent ideas, weirdness, comedy, action and the hero (or heroine) winning the day.

As well as here and 101 Fiction you can find my writing...

In my book: This is the New Plan - 33 slices of SF and dark fantasy. (Kindle - US UK)

In someone else's book: 100 Horrors

And across the internet:

Ragestorm Requiem. Crossing a post-apocalyptic cityscape, on
Red Tank. Martian military SF with a human twist, on
Two stories on MicroHorror
Worship, Part of Ink, Sweat and Tears Twelve Days of Christmas 2010

And, because I kinda have a soft spot for my old, mildly pretentious bio, I've left it here at the bottom:

An artificial human-form built to withstand the stresses of inter-reality travel.
Data storage and playback through primitive state: Stories.

Ronin narrator.
Zen creator.
Be at one with the multiverse, let no world be your master.

Reality leak:
Ex-cybergoth. Ex-clubKid. Ex-DJ.
SF Geek. Comic Geek. Book Geek. Gamer Geek.