Friday 13 December 2013


I have exerted myself beyond agony, pushed myself past exhaustion. I can flee no further, only hide and pray my footprints don't betray me. Sweat trickles down my back like spiders' whispers; I wince at each hot drip, convinced it will hiss as it hits snow, revealing me.

I hold myself still, sure the creature will feel the tremors shuddering through me with every suppressed breath, with the spasmodic rise and fall of my chest. Fear huffs from me in tiny clouds.

I know the monster. Knew her. Loved her, held her in my arms, wept for her. Buried her.

One of my rejected drabbles for the latest issue of 101 Fiction. Since I am giving in to the conceit of publishing one of my own stories I feel I certainly shouldn't be happy to just write one and say, "Yep, that's the best I'm going to do."

I really liked this one, I just felt Mercy had a fantastical edge that took it to a higher level. Both, interestingly, first person.

I've got a few more 'off-cuts' I might shine up and post here. In the mean time, please do click on over to 101 Fiction and read the December issue. Fifteen teeny tiny drabbles inspired by the themes of winter and undead. There's some real talent and real quality in those fifteen hundred words. =)