Monday 30 April 2012

101 anxieties

Every writer has their worries.... And I'm about to become an editor, of sorts, too...

It's not long till 101 fiction opens for submissions. Tomorrow, in fact. No doubt for a lot of people reading this submissions will have already opened.

I've never done anything like it before; it's dipping my toes into the sea, testing the waters. And this is one big, turbulent, unpredictable ocean. And with it comes a whole bunch of contradictory anxieties.

My two biggest worries:
That I will get too few submissions.
That I will get too many submissions.

You see... ;)

And then there is the whole business of possibly having to say no to writers I consider friends. To be the one sending the dreaded rejection letter...

Then, and this one's a little way off, I'm worrying about scheduling. I want to post two a week, one by me and one by someone else. I would like to carry on posting mine on a Wednesday, but I don't want my 101s to be the focus, to hog time at the top.

Let me lay this out, and any advice would be more than welcome...
If the 'guest' post is on a Monday, then it's only up two days before mine goes on top. But it's there at the beginning of the week. Fresh.

If the 'guest' post is on a Friday, then it hits the weekend, but would need re-promoting on Monday. I get the impression people look at more things during the week, either in breaks, or at work (naughty ;) ), and less on weekends (lovely, lazy outdoorsy weekends).

I think I'm drifting towards the Friday post and the double promotion (or extended promotion, if you like).

And then... there is the question of sustaining interest in the site. Will I keep getting submissions? Will people keep reading?

AND... there's more.

I'm worrying about the anthology of work I want to put out. I wanted to release it for my birthday, June 15, but I don't know if that will happen. It's behind. It's still a possibility, but I think it's better to be sure it's 100% right, than rushed and on time. So, you know, starting to accept and read submissions for another website was obviously the most sensible thing to do at this point...

(and because I love a good metaphor... if the writing world is an ocean, than I hope 101 Fiction will be a shimmering rockpool on the shore. Not one of the seven seas, or even a great lake, but still worth visiting, full of tiny wonders and cool stuff. ^_^ )

Addendum: 101 Fiction is open for submissions now!
For guidelines and submissions:


  1. I honestly think you'll get "too many," and have to say no to some. Which will be difficult, but you yourself put out some fine stories, and I expect, as a reader, that the non-Xero stories out each week will reflect the same high standard of storytelling and writing.

    As for sustained interest -- and this is completely my two cents as a reader and not as someone who has ever acted as editor -- those publications which continue to promote and stick themselves out there, in the public eye, do well. Don't let it languish, and it won't.

    I was truthfully hoping that one of your anxieties is being eaten by a Gryphon that ripped the roof off the train on your way to work, but I can understand how that might be a secret anxiety you'd not wish to share.

    1. Well, now that's one of my anxieties, and I don't even get the train... I walk... they could just pluck me straight off the street! O_O

      Watch the skies!

      (thanks for the comment, Becky ^_^ )