Monday 8 April 2013

King of the World

William was King of the World.
Undisputed, unrefuted,
upon his throne he curled.

A brave new world, free of strife;
undisturbed, no discord heard,
a kingdom free of life.

William's crown was made of bone,
scrimshawed. Grim lord,
sat on a skeletal throne.

He never knew his parents were to blame.
A generation, venerated
by the world they set to flame.

They engineered a disease:
scarily viral, a downward spiral.
The world doomed by a sneeze.

Death to anyone mature.
Before puberty, mere sterility,
and, of course, no cure.

A world of orphans, grown
tired, expired,
'til William remained, alone.

A little bad, post apocalyptic poetry. Sorry, it won't happen again. Probably. ;)