Wednesday 6 July 2011


Welcome to the Xeroversary! From Sun 3rd July to Sat 9th July we celebrated 1 year of the Xeroverse with guest flash fiction posted every day. Join the festivities, enjoy the fiction, say hi. =)

The Xeroversary is over, all that remains is the afterparty... (with full guest list)


Today's guest post is from my other flash fiction blog... Xeroverse: 101


A universal mystery.

Who pulled the trigger on the Universe Gun?

With everything set spinning in friction-free space, time would last forever. That was how it was supposed to work. Now Entropy growls about the edges, snapping, snarling.

A silken shaft, loosed from a bow of dark matter, whispers backwards to the dawn of time. It struck the foetal Existence, dripping sickness and friction like the darkest of poisons.

A Doom Cannon with the death pangs of the universe as gunpowder, firing the very idea to create itself back through time. An insidious idea that spider-crawls through history: The End.


Xero says: Is it a bit cheeky to have a guest post from my own alter-ego? Hey, it’s my party! ;)
Xeroverse: 101 is strictly 1 word of title, 100 words of story.
Many of them start out life as entries into Lily Childs’ Friday Prediction, and this was the only piece of mine that had ever won, until last week (yay!). Lily’s Prediction is a great way for a flash fiction writer to challenge themselves; the competition is stiff, there are lots of talented writers there, but the atmosphere is really friendly and it’s a lot of fun taking part. I’ve definitely grown as a writer from the experience.


  1. I don't think it's cheeky. I'm amused because I obviously don't follow/read directions well. I realized last week that all the titles on Xeroverse: 101 were one word long, but still suspected the stories were 101 words.

  2. Ha ha, no worries. It's a gimmick, tbh... And somewhere between a challenge and a motivator for me as much as anything else; any exact word count is though, I think, I'm too fussy to just throw in an extra word if it doesn't still feel exactly right to me. =)

  3. Congrats on the blogiversary John, by coincidence it's my own next week on the 16th of July, I may even crack a beer or two.

    I do read your flashes every week, even though I don't always leave a comment, (this is cos they're usually quite deep, and I'm not always sure I've fully understood them) :-)

    I'll take a peek back at the guest spots.

  4. JX: Whoa, whoa, whoa.

    Trippy and, yes, cosmic, the kind of thinking that stops my brain, throwing a wrench into it.

  5. This is such a brilliant piece. Controlled, measured and pitched perfectly with remarkable imagery.
    Adam B @revhappiness

  6. Thanks guys. =)

    Steve, you say deep, I sometimes wonder if there isn't too much concept and too little character. =)

    Rebecca, I think I was channelling a little Grant Morrison when I wrote this, his stories always have your mind twisting round itself.

    Adam, wow, thanks, glad you enjoyed it. =)

  7. Hi again John, having no literary training, I sometimes struggle to understand complex writing, my own writing is very simplistic by comparison, but I believe I have good ideas, and I am happy with what I produce.

    Any writer must go with what they feel inside, your style is quite rare, and is always worth the read. :-)

  8. mmm, well, jeeze, no wonder you won... pretty brilliant Mr Xero :)