Wednesday 13 February 2013

It's a bit quiet in here...

A blog! A post! Or... what should I call these things?

Whatever they are, here is one. ;D

And it begins with the mantra of the bad blogger...

I will do this more often,
I will write here regularly,
For sure, this time.

But since it's been a while lets make it a 'state of the union' type affair. Where we at?

So back in November I decided I wasn't going to do nanowrimo. Not because I have anything against it, I really don't, I just don't do well with pressure and deadlines, they make me put things off. I can be terribly contrary.

But I did decide I would try and power on and properly begin work on a novel. After a few false starts and dead ends, I reached 30,000 words by the end of November. And hey, I'm pretty happy with that. 30k a month for three months is more or less a first draft. Except...

Except I haven't written any since. I've written, sure. This and that. Some short stories that may or may not be part of an entirely different book. Some drabbles. And in some ways I don't mind that. What works for me, when I am most productive, is when I feel free to pootle around and write as I please. I was feeling a bit stressed about the book, a bit flat about the idea, but now I feel a little recharged. I'm going to get back to it.

And when I'm not in the mood maybe I'll write a bit more of the other thing. Or start work on one of the other two or three novel ideas I have in my mind right now. (not to mention the forty/ fifty odd ideas I have stashed around the place in folders and notepads...)

So, I'm writing, and one day there will be books. And one day they will be published. =)


  1. Good. It's worth having two/three different bits on the go, and novels often benefit from sitting for a bit. Sooner or later something twitches (conscience?) and I think 'I really must get this finished ...' I will.
    Good luck with yours.

  2. *Pushes through the cobwebs* Hello? Ah, there you are!

    30k is a good chunk. Very curious as to what stole the momentum.

    I think it's very cool of you to be able to flit between projects as the mood takes you. When I hit a slow patch (like the one I'm in now) I generally beat myself senseless with an imaginary stick. Not so cool.

    1. Watch out for the pressure pads and the poison darts! ;)

      I think because I hit that 'milestone' and thought I would give it a couple of days breather, to gather my thoughts etc, and... just never got back to it.

      Over the past fifteen or so years that I've been scribbling, I recognise that sometimes I write less, and read more, and I used to panic that I wasn't writing, but now I characterise these down cycles as absorbing periods, when I take more things onboard and let them percolate down into the gumbo of my imagination... ;)

      But then, it's different for everyone. I'm much more for trying different set ups and finding what brings about the most productive results than plugging away at the same old method ad infinitum because it happens to work for someone else... If that makes sense?