Monday 9 July 2012

Xeroversary 2: the Afterparty

Two years.

I guess this is where most people say 'it seems like only yesterday...' To be honest, it feels longer than two years. I find that writing and producing a new story almost every week really slows time down, and not because I'm not having fun... I'm having so much fun... but because each new story breaks up the year, it marks each and every week as different, rather than just life ongoing.

The second Xeroversary is over, existing only for forever in that time travel wonder that is the internet. Go on, drift back a few days and join the party...

Marble, by Peter Newman. You think gods are born ancient? Pete shows us a petulant godchild and hints of a chilling fantasy world.

Sleeping for True Love, by Aidan Fritz. A science fiction techno thriller collides head on with an interstellar love story, with a cameo from Betelguesian gangsters.

Awakening, by Helen A. Howell. Dark misdeeds stir a fog-wreathed Stonehenge. Blood magic, malevolence and a crafty raven called Croaker.

Classified, by Jack Holt. Jack tapped his special clearances for an extraordinary (though censored) transcript detailing a suspenseful, unauthorised raid on a top secret research facility, and its shocking climax.

No Laughing Matter, by Steve Green. Steve delves into the darker side of his sense of humour with this tale of retribution gone awry.

Archived, by Larry Kollar. No matter how advanced tech gets, humans will still be human, with all their flaws and all their compassion. Two slices of sci fi wrapped in one.

The Song of Restoration, by Lily Childs. A dark myth, somehow both new and ancient; debauched, and yet wise; lyrical in places but brutal when needed. Master-crafted flash fiction.

In a Purple Sky, by R.S. Bohn. A boy, a gryphon and a fantastical tale of trepidation and wonder. The perfect ending to the Xeroversary.

Thanks to all my guests for their excellent flash fiction, for making it a most excellent party. And thanks to everyone who stopped by to read and comment.

It's been a significant year in many ways, seeing a redesign and repurposing of the Xeroverse and 101 Fiction. 101 Fiction is now open for submissions to anyone; contributor 101s have been posted every Friday since June 1st, with my own 101s still going up every Wednesday, and June was a great month for the site.

I've also just published my first collection of short and flash fiction, This is the New Plan. Currently available on Kindle (UK link). It's something I've worked very hard on and I'm really proud of the end result. I'll be talking about various different aspects in some upcoming blog posts.

Looking ahead, other than my weekly 101s, there will be less flash from me. I want to concentrate on longer projects. Short stories and, hopefully, some things that might one day come to resemble novels. Hopefully you'll forgive the reduction in flash, plenty of you have expressed a desire for me to write something novel-length. Let's see if I'm up to the job... ^_^


  1. Writing short pieces each week does make the year more interesting. The work seems to come with its own mood, if you will, or tone. Perhaps that's remembered most.

    This is the New Plan looks stellar, and I do hope to see longer work from you. Thank you again for the invitation to the celebration; it was a wild week. :)

    1. Thank you, Becky! ^_^

      I think in part it's the tone, and flitting between genres, but I think as well it's visiting new worlds and characters each week. Like a holiday (not that I'd recommend some of my worlds as travel destinations, exactly... ;) )

  2. Best of luck in the year coming!

    I've found that spitting out an (almost) weekly flash is a good change of pace from novel-ating. So you might find yourself putting up more flash than you expected. ;-) And maybe one of your flashes will blow up into a much larger story like White Pickups did.

    1. I'm sure there will be some flash, it's not so easy to get away from. And one of the novel ideas I plan to work on I started writing as a flash but realised it was just going to keep going on, and on...

      Oh, and if you remember Godstorm, Ephea's about to appear in it... ;)

  3. I'm looking forward to reading New Plan. It'll be a shame to have less stuff from you to read each week but I look at it like an investment. Hopefully we'll all win big further down the line!

  4. What a great finish to one year and a fantastic start to another - good luck for the new year, may your writing take you to places you never imagined before! ^_^

    1. Thank you, Helen. I live in fear of the day my imagination can't find new places to take me. Good luck to you in your endeavours, too! ^_^

  5. Thanks for having us!!

    As you know, I've already got TITNP downloaded and ready for consumption... :-)

    1. It was great to have you over here, Jack. Cheers! =D