Saturday 30 June 2012

It's here!

Just a mini update to say...

The anthology is out! ^_^

This is the New Plan is my first collection. The stories were selected from over a year's writing, all re-edited and polished to a standard that I am very proud of, a standard equal to anything you might find on the shelves at your local bookshop, I believe.

I plan on writing a few blog posts going into a little more detail... the story order, the cover, the introduction, and why it's only available (for now, at least) on Kindle, among other things. But this is just to say, "Yay! It's here!"

The blurb (or product description, as Amazon calls it):

This is the New Plan. Thirty three genre-blending works of fiction. Thirty one flash fictions book-ended by two short stories.

This is the way the world dies. The way it is born. The way it lives and breathes. Our world, other worlds. The past, the present, the never, the future.

Discover endings and beginnings; hope and damnation; angels and demons; stolen futures... Gods, cowboys, zombies, witches, sci-fi samurai, psychopaths, little red men from Mars, and more...

Let me take you on a journey, let me show you wonders.


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