Wednesday 28 September 2011

The Xeroverse and the End of the World...

While I'm between serials... I've been awarded the Versatile Blogger award again, this time by the lovely folk over at In Case of Survival.

It's a real pleasure to receive the award as one of the things I try to do here is produce a wide variety of work, in genre and style, and it's great to be recognised for that. So thank you, ICoS! ^_^

If you're into you're post-calamity scenarios then ICoS is there for you, particularly if you like your doomsday with a large dose of irreverent humour. They leave no apocalypse unturned, whether you're worried about zombies, what you can eat in the wild, if you want to know what place knitting has, post-civilisation, or what today's books, movies and games can tell you about the inevitable wasteland of the future.

They also publish the occasional apocalyptic flash fiction. The first ever of which was my very own Ragestorm Requiem.

And if you've come over here from In Case of Survival then here's a few stories you might like, from the archives... =)

Gunship Afterlife
When the world has ended and even the hardware is out to get you...

Orion and the Bear
Civilisation has collapsed and the gods walk the earth once more.

This Pale Stranger
Zombies in the old west.

A delirious hallucination of a world where death is not the worst you can wish for.

I keep trying to push myself, and try new things, so at the moment I'm experimenting with serials. My 6-part fantasy, Godstorm, has just finished (part 1) and this Friday my new serial, Fifteen Feathers, starts.

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