Wednesday 10 August 2011

Spare Parts

Welcome to the second year of the Xeroverse...

Across the darkened land, hooded conspirators raise flickering torches and structures of seemingly cold, grey stone begin to glimmer with secret, internal light. In deepest space, old technology sparks once more. Priests chant arcane chord structures and scientists calculate timed discordance.

Chaos and Order grind against each other and in the friction of Truth and Untruth power blooms; energy lashes upwards and outwards as planets become mere waypoints in a greater chain. Gods, futurists, science giants, heroes, villains, dragons, darklings and more... everyone looks to the crackling, tumescent skies as space itself quakes and begins to settle to bright points: shining moments, smaller than stars, in space and on land... gateways, points of ingress.

The gates have re-opened, the Xeroverse is alive.

Please excuse the theatrics... ;)

Welcome to chapter 3, Spare Parts. So called because it will consist entirely of serialised flash fictions. This is new territory for me, pushing the limits of my comfort zone, so feedback, as ever, is encouraged... from story, plot and character, to language and imagery; from structure of an individual flash, to the greater structure of the overall arc. Or whether you just like it, or dislike it. It’s always nice just to know you’re reading. =)

I’m going to try a slight change of schedule too, new flash fiction will be posted here on Fridays now, to fit in with the #FridayFlash schedule (and to try and not bore people too much with continual re-promotion of the same flash).

I am also way beyond happy that while I’ve been away I have been awarded, um... awards by some of my fellow bloggers and fictioneers.

You can see them over here, on my other blog, as I pass them on to a few of my favourite writers and bloggers. Please go check them out, if you’re not already following my nominees then I highly recommend them all. =)

The beacons are alight, the Xeroverse is set spinning again.

Join me this Friday for Clouds like Murder, part 1 of Godstorm.


  1. Tumescent, eh? *cough*

    LOL! Okay, I've got my 3-D glasses on, anti-gravity boots ready, and I'm listening to Flash's Theme. Let's go, Friday!

    (it's okay, you can sing along: Flash! Ah-ah! Savior of the Universe!)

  2. Am I a bit of a dork for enjoying the theatrics? My eyes were wide and my heart expectant when you said "Chaos and Order grind against each other and in the friction of Truth and Untruth power blooms" then I was waiting for the Xeroverse to burst out of my screen... the rush lol

    I'm also changing things a bit at Pagan Culture. I'm tightening some things up (adding a bit to a story here, trimming a bit there, expanding...) then I'll focused on a few longer pieces I want to publish on installments; guess the serialized bug is going around.

    Congrats on your awards, and you so you know, you were missed ;-)

  3. *laughs*

    I wondered if anyone would mention that, Rebecca. ;)
    I did, of course, mean 'tumultuous', but I when I realised that I thought, what the hell, it amused me, so I left it... ;D

    You weren't the only one, Magaly, and I feel a bit dorky for putting things like that in... but I can't help myself. =D