Sunday 19 December 2010

Lost and Found

Sorry, no fiction this week.

Not because I don’t have any, but to serve as a bookmark between chapters. And to make an exciting announcement. (Exciting for me, exciting for the Xeroverse... ;) )

So this post is something of a placemarker. It marks the end of ‘Lost and Found’, which began with This Unholy Place and ended with So This is Christmas. Odd that what was primarily SF and Fantasy micro-fiction should be book-ended by two pieces of horror.

These 24 stories represented an experiment in finding myself, in rediscovering the writer in me who had become somewhat lost... I hope you’ve enjoyed exploring these strange worlds as much as I have. =)

Next week a new chapter begins, new worlds await.

There's a mixture of some pieces I was working on over a year ago (for a project that never happened) and some new pieces. It is provisionally titled Torn Pages.

And while I’ve got you...

I also blog about writing: processes, inspiration and theories: here.

Two more pieces of my micro-fiction were published on MicroHorror last month.

And the announcement... this January Xeroverse 101 launches. One word of title, one hundred words of story. Every Wednesday. *^_^*

Thanks for reading,

John Xero.

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